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Online Learning

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  Event Registration Details Fee Type Member Non Member Total Amount
1 IMA 350 - Ethical Guide for the Assessor Length of course access: up to 98 days. Log in details will be emailed to registrants Standard Rate $300 $425
2 IMA 435 - Cost and Depreciation Analysis Length of course access: up to154 days. Log in details will be emailed to registrants Standard Rate $400 $525
3 IMA 423 - The World of the Assessor Length of course access: up to 154 days. Log in details will be emailed to registrants Standard Rate $400 $525
Sub Total 

Institute of Municipal Assessors
Online Courses
Term and Conditions

The Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA) Online course material is copyrighted and is the sole property of the IMA. No part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the IMA.

Upon payment, access to the online course material, marker's support and one (1) session only at an approved test centre in order to write the final exam is granted for education purposes only and for the period assigned for completing the course. Upon completion of the course or following the exam date, access to the online course material is revoked. 

The course final mark is based on 10% cumulative from all lesson quizzes, 30% from the mid-term assignment and 60% from the final exam. The passing grade for the course is 70%. To rewrite the final exam, contact the IMA Office.

Once the candidate books the invigilation services at one of the approved test centres, they must email the IMA Office with the date and time of the session.  Failure to do so may result in the candidate being unable to write the exam at that time and a cancellation /re-scheduling fee from the test centre may be incurred. The candidate will assume the responsibility and associate costs for cancellation or re-cheduling the final exam.  The terms and conditions of the approved test centres apply, with the conditions detailed in "About the exam".

Passing off the work of others as your own or sharing information during quizzes, assignments or exams is not acceptable. The course marker/teacher, with just cause, has the authority and discretion to penalize and/or suspend a student for plagiarism.

Hard copy of the course material may be purchased online
or by contacting the IMA at 905 884 1959 or 877 877 8703. The material will be provided in a spiral bound booklet and may be of assistance for studying and for future reference.

I have read the above Terms and Conditions and by enrolling in an IMA Online Course, I ACCEPT the above noted Terms and Conditions.

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