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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program
Frequently Asked Questions

August 2017

 1.    When is the deadline to report CPD hours?

        The current CPD cycle started April 1, 2016 and will end on March 31, 2018. 

        Eligible CPD credits earned during this period must be reported in the online IMA CPD Portal by the end of the cycle on March 31, 2018

2.    How do I report my CPD?

       The IMA has created an online record keeping portal for the reporting of CPD credits.

       A pre-approved activity can be identified based on the search criteria. CPD recording is finalized after uploading documentation of activity completion.

       For instructions on how to use the portal, see Instructions to Record/Report CPD credits on the website or contact the IMA office

3.    What are the requirements for the CPD program?

       M.I.M.A. Designation: minimum of 20 approved CPD hours, per cycle.
       (Up to 5 hours may be in the optional category of "General Hours".)

       A.I.M.A. Designation:  minimum of 16 approved CPD hours, per cycle.
       (Up to 4 hours may be in the optional category of "General Hours".)

 4.   What happens if I do not have enough CPD hours recorded by the deadline?

       The IMA approved CPD program states:

       Failure to complete the required hours of professional development within the 2-year period may impact the status of the M.I.M.A. or A.I.M.A designation.
The IMA will inform members who are in default. To correct the default, members must either complete the required CPD within 30 days or

       1.   have a plan approved to complete the required CPD within 90 days, and
       2.   pay the $50 administration fee.

5.    Why must CPD activities be pre-approved by the IMA?

       Pre-approval is required to ensure fair and consistent recording of CPD Credits. 

       It also facilitates and supports compliance with the CPD Program, such that only IMA approved activities can be entered into the Portal.

6.    Why must I upload proof of activity completion?  What is sufficient documentation?

       A CPD Audit will occur at the end of each cycle based on a randomly selected amount of members. The mandatory upload of supporting documents
       facilitates the administrative process for the IMA office  and others involved in the Audit.

       By this process, CPD records and proof of completion can be verified without requesting the information from a member. However, if the supporting 
       documentation on file is deficient, the member will be asked to provide proper records.

       Documents are sufficient if they illustrate participation and completion of the activity. Some examples:  Transcripts, Certificates, Proof of
       Registration/Completion with Program Agenda or CPD forms. (Note: A copy of a Program Agenda alone is unacceptable).

7.    How do I get a CPD activity approved?

       The IMA maintains a list of pre-approved CPD events on the IMA Website.

       If your activity is not listed on the approved list, an application for approval of the event may be made by completing the online application.

       Note:  Applications must be completed in full, with supporting documentation attached.

8.    What is the difference between Learning Hours and General Hours? 

       Learning Hours are granted for activities highly relevant to property assessment. For example:

  • assessment legislation;
  • construction, architecture, and building design;
  • economics;
  • ethics;
  • law (legal or paralegal);
  • real estate appraisal;
  • property assessment.

      General Hours may be recognized for other relevant competencies such as:

  • report writing;
  • public speaking;
  • computer/technical program.

       Note:  General Hours are optional. They are not mandatory for the CPD program.  The CPD requirement may be achieved with Learning Hours only.

9.     I recently received my A.I.M.A. designation.  Will my studies towards my A.I.M.A. qualify for CPD?

        The CPD requirement begins upon attaining the A.I.M.A. designation. Therefore activities completed prior to attaining the designation are not
        recognized toward the CPD requirement after attaining the designation. The required CPD hours will be pro-rated based on the date the
        designation is attained to the end of the cycle.

10.   I recently received my M.I.M.A. designation.  Will my studies towards my M.I.M.A. qualify for CPD?

        Activities completed in attaining the M.I.M.A. designation will be considered. However, the total number of CPD credits required will be prorated
        based on the time as an A.I.M.A. and the time as an M.I.M.A.

        Example:  In a 2-year cycle, one year with an A.I.M.A. designation requires 8 CPD credits. The second year with the M.I.M.A. designation
        requires 10 CPD credits for a total of 18 CPD credits.

        For details on the pro-rated CPD requirement, see item #3 of the CPD Policy.

11.   If not through the IMA, how else can I earn CPD Hours?

       There are many ways to earn Learning or General Hours including but not limited to: 

  • Post-secondary courses;
  • CPD courses offered by various educational institutions;
  • Webinars;
  • Seminars;
  • District meetings;
  • Workshops;
  • Drafting articles or other publications;
  • IMA volunteer activities.

12.   Are credits earned through continuing education prior to April 1 2014 qualify?

        If an activity was completed prior to April 1 2014, it will not be recognized. However, where an activity commenced prior to April 1 2014 and 
        completed after April 1 2014, it will be considered. Please contact the IMA office for confirmation.


13.   Can I Transfer Excess CPD Credits?

        Excess CPD credits (hours) that were earned during the final three months of a cycle can be transferred to the following cycle (e.g.: excess CPD hours 
        from Cycle 1 earned during January, February and March 2016 can be transferred to Cycle 2).

        A member who earned excess credits during the previous cycle, should update his/her CPD Record as soon as possible so that the system can transfer 
        these credits in the member's CPD record, e.g.: from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2 or from Cycle 2 to Cycle 3.


14.   I will be away on parental leave for 6-months and hold an A.I.M.A designation. Will I still be required to complete the same amount
        of credits in a 2-year cycle as someone who is not on parental leave?

        Special circumstances such as being on an official parental leave or sick leave may be considered. Please contact the IMA office to apply to have your
        situation addressed.

15.   How does the CPD By-Law affect retired members?

        Retired members are exempt from the CPD program.

16.   I plan to retire at the end of 2017. Are there any exemption provision to complete the CPD requirements?

        Special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact the IMA office for further instructions and/or application form.

17.   I hold an A.I.M.A. designation. However, I am employed in an administrative/clerical position, unrelated to property assessment function.    
        Do I need to complete my CPD requirements?

        Special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact the IMA office for further instructions and/or application form.


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