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Courses and Programs to meet the needs of your professional career.

The IMA provides a variety of education and learning experiences designed specifically for adult learners.  Whether you are working toward a designation or interested in professional development, the choices available will provide learning opportunities to suit today's busy life schedule, the evolving career
and the goals for a professional future.

The IMA partners with other professional institutions and organizations in delivering educational and professional development.  These include:

·         Seneca College

·         University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business

·         International Property Tax Institute (IPTI)

·         Ontario Municipal Tax and Revenue Association (OMTRA)

·         Royal Institute of Charters Surveyors (RIC's)



The IMA is committed to changing its course delivery from the traditional paper-based correspondence format to an online, on demand format that may be completed at the candidate's own pace. The IMA in partnership with IPTI is creating the new online platform using the Moodle program. Courses will be
added to the online platform following a content review and subsequent revision.

During this online transition, the IMA's current courses will continue to be offered in the traditional delivery as correspondence courses.  Current courses will continue to be recognized in the future. 

 For a complete list and details of designation required courses, see Designation.

1.      Online Required Courses 

IMA 350 Ethical Guide for the Assessor

IMA 423 World of the Assessor

IMA 435 Cost and Depreciation Analysis

2.      Traditional Stream - 2 correspondence course sessions a year: January and September


Assignment Schedule



Professional Development is important to maintain and improve professional competence, further your career and stay current. The IMA offers many opportunities to obtain CPD hours.

 1.      E-learning

The IMA in partnership with the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) offers online non-credit courses available via an e-Learning platform. Courses are designed to provide a cost effective and content-rich online learning opportunity for continued education in the field of property appraisal and taxation.  Courses may be completed at your own pace and lessons are followed by a 'test-your knowledge' quiz. 




2.      Professional Seminars
Check Events page for currently scheduled seminars.


3.      Professional Webinars
The IMA in partnership with IPTI offers monthly one hour webinars

Check Events page for currently scheduled seminars.











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