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Overview of the IMA

The Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA) is among a select group of professional organizations that is empowered by Province of Ontario Statute; originally incorporated in 1957 and amended in 1987 and 1993 to establish qualifications for membership and to ensure these qualifications are maintained.  Through the Institute of Municipal Assessors Act (Bill Pr63), the IMA is empowered to award designations of professionalism as acknowledgement and recognition of expertise in our profession. 


The Institute provides its members with industry leading, educational opportunities for professional development.  Courses have been designed specifically for members of the property assessment profession with examinations and admission tests for accreditation. Whether M.I.M.A., A.I.M.A., M.I.M.A. (Hon.), M.I.M.A. (Life) or F.I.M.A.; all these earned designations clearly identify the holder as having expertise, experience and integrity among peers. 

The IMA membership recently adopted a strong "Code of Ethics and Professional Standards" (the Code) by which all members are held to the highest standards of professionalism. Clearly designed and straightforward, the Code serves to inspire not only ethical conduct but also emphasizes that the actions of each individual member reflect on all members and the IMA as a whole.  The Code is managed by a Compliance Panel which provides guidance to the membership and provides enforcement should the Code be violated.


In support of the Code, a new, unique course, entitled, ?Ethical Guide for the Assessor? has been developed; the course offers training for both the assessor qualified to act as an expert witness and those who are working to become an expert witness.


Finally, in its 63rd year, the Institute of Municipal Assessors continues to support, enhance and provide leadership to all who work in the field of property assessment, local taxation and to those who rely on their services



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