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Presentation & Workshop Notes

2008 IMA Annual Conference - Presentation & Workshop Notes

Strong Economic Performance Spoiled by Deeper U.S. Slowdown by Pedro Antunes -
Click Here

The Next Wave: Retail Development Trends in Canada by Dr. Tony Hernandez - Look for an exciting article in our next issue of Insti News!

What's New What's Old in Ontario Assessment by Richard Stephenson - Click Here

Annual Assessment Case Law Update by Frank Shea, Phil Sanford and Jack Walker - Click Here

Ethics and the Assessor: Paralegals & Beyond by Karey Lunau, Marcelle Bourassa, Linda Pasternak, Karen Russell, Peter Thachuck
Click Here for Consultation Notes                              Click Here for Paralegal OMB Decision   
Click Here for the LSUC Paralegal Rules of Conduct  Click Here for LSUC Lawyers & Paralegals Brochure

The Land Development Process by Erin Johnston, Sam Dominelli, Nik Mracic - Click Here

Municipal Taxation & Budget by Greg Martino, Jim McQueen - Click Here

Vineland Estates Valuation Presentation by Carl Isenburg, Kathryn Kaufman, John Richardson - Click Here

Phasing-in Assessment Increases in the New Four Year Reassessment Cycle by Joan Young, Rose McLean, Allan Doheny, Greg Baxter
Click Here for MPAC Presentation     Click Here for Ministry of Finance Presentation

Ontario's Paralegal Reforms: Revolution or Evolution? by Andy Anstett, Julia Bass, Carl Davis, Brad Nixon, Phil Sanford -
Click Here

The Rise and Fall of the Assessment Roll by Gord Thow, Bill Carroll, Larry Hummel, Sean Martin - COMING SOON!

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