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2009 Presentation & Workshop Notes


Monday Speakers Notes

Current Economic Issues and their Impact on Valuation
Larry Hummel, MIMA & Karey Lunau, Affiliate - Click Here

NEW! - Follow up to 2009 Post Conference Issue Article:
Economic Underpinnings: 2010 to 2030 by Mike McCracken - Click Here

The Assessment Review Board: Preparing to Meeting New Challenges in 2009 - Susan Mather
a) Preparing to Meet the Challenges in 2009  - Click Here     
b) Appeals Streaming Strategy 2009 and Beyond -
Click Here
c) Case Managed Stream - Click Here                                    
d) Direct Hearing Stream - Click Here
e) File No. DM 211 - Click Here                                                
f) ARB Direct Hearing Stream Flow Chart -
Click Here
Assessment Limits to Address Volatility: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?
Dr. Enid Slack -
Click Here
Monday Workshop Notes
Workshop A:  2009 Case Law Update - Properties, Payment & Procedure 
Municipal Act Section 357 Cases -
Click Here
Highest and Best Use Case Summary - Click Here
Correcting Errors on the Assessment Roll - Click Here
1331679 Ontario Ltd Case Digest - Click Here
Copies off all referenced cases are available upon request. 
Given By: Stephen Longo, John O'Kane & Melissa VanBerkum, Affiliate

Workshop B:  How Do You Apply the Highest and Best use Principle?
Leo Longo - Click Here 
Blake Brown, AIMA - Click Here
John Hughes - Click Here
Given By: Blake Brown, AIMA, John Hughes, Leo Longo & Larry Hummel, MIMA

Workshop C:  The Heat is On: Bet the Best Expert You Can Be  
Given By: 
Jeff Climans
MIMA - Click Here
Frank Martini,  MIMA - Click Here
Karen Russell, MIMA - Click Here
Presentations also made by Joe Wyger & Karey Lunau, Affiliate
Tuesday Speaker Notes
A Retrospective on the 2008 Assessment Update and Looking Forward to the Future 

The Rule Book or Your Conscience? Ethical Behaviour in Organizations 
Professor Richard Tindal - NOTES NOT AVAILABLE
Look for an article on this topic in our2009 Post Conference Issue of Insti News!

Tuesday Workshop Notes
Workshop A:  Sales Analysis: Timing is Everything 
Sales Analysis - A Newfoundland Perspective -
Click Here
Sales Analysis - Timing is Everything - Click Here 
Given By: Rudy Dyck, Glenn Stacey, Shelley Graham 
Workshop B:  Is the Cost Approach Relevant?
Given By: Gordon Alexander, Dillon Payne, MIMA, Tim BrownNOTES NOT AVAILABLE
Workshop C:  Trading Present Dollars for Future Dollars  
Given By: Paul Morassutti, Terry Tomkins, Terry Bishop
Click Here







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