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2010 IMA Conference Presentation and Workshop Notes

Click on the links below to access any of the 2010 IMA Annual Conference Speaker or Workshop notes:

Post Recession and Economic Issues and their Impact on Real Estate Values - Two Part Presentation

Click Here for Part One - By Mike McCracken      

Click Here for Part Two - By Larry Hummel

Monday Afternoon Workshops:

Workshop A - Assessment Case Law - MPAC Victories, Ratepayer Victories, Municipal Victories
Coming Soon!

Workshop B - Municipal Taxation: It's No Longer Only About the Assessment
Click Here for Presentation

Workshop C - View from the Top
Presentation by Kathy Gillis

Summary Presentation by Gord Thow

Workshop D - Changing Assessments: Pratfalls and Pitfalls
Coming Soon!

Tuesday Morning Workshops:

Workshop A - The Elephant in the Room

Click Here for Presentation by Giuliana Carbone      

Click Here for Presentation by Harry Kitchen

Click Here for Presentation Jerry Grad                       

Click Here for Presentation by Jack Walker

Workshop B - Personal Financial Planning: Where there is a Will, there is a Way!

Part One - Estate Planning - Protecting You and Your Family
Click Here for Presentation by Marco Imbrogno

Part Two - Investment Management Concepts
Click Here for Prespectives Spring 2010 Presentation by Trish Domingo
Click Here for Investing Presentation by Trish Domingo

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