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Ontario Labour Mobility Act

In January 2009, Canada's premiers agreed to proposed amendments to the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) for improved labour mobility.  On May 5, 2009, Bill 175 was introduced by the government that if passed would take precedence over existing certification requirements.  The Bill received Royal Assent on December 15, 2009 and became the Ontario Labour Mobility Act (OLMA).  This Act ensures that professional and skilled workers which are already certified by a regulatory authority in another province or territory would be certified in that occupation in Ontario as well without additional material training, experience, examinations or assessments.

If an applicant holds a designation by a regulatory authority in another province or territory, which is considered to be equivalent with a designation of the IMA, they will be able to apply for that designation (AIMA or MIMA as per the Accreditation Committee).

The applicant will be required to pay applicable fees, provide evidence of good character and supply a letter of good standing from the regulatory authority of the province or territory in which the original certificate was issued.  The IMA may require that the applicant demonstrate knowledge of Ontario legislation and regulations as permitted by the Ontario Labour Mobility Act.

The Act allows for the IMA to impose terms, conditions or limitations on the applicant's certificate under certain situations as set out in the Labour Mobility Code in order to protect the public interest as a result of any competency, character or conduct issues.

For further information on the Labour Mobility Act please visit http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/labour mobility/

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