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Professional Seminars


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TopicPreparation and Report Writing for Practitioners - Impact of the ARB Rules of Practice and Procedure

Seminar Date: April 24, 2019

Registration Deadline: April 17, 2019

For experts in property valuation disputes, the ability to draft a clear, competent and cohesive expert report is critical. Writing strong and concise reports and opinions for the Assessment Review Board can be as important as oral testimony. However, the rules of the Board's Practice and  Procedures are ever-evolving. Recently, the Board's Special Property Guideline was released pertaining to the provision of formal expert reports before settlement conferences in complex cases. There appears to be a lack of clarity and understanding regarding guidelines and content for reports/documents for use at various stages of the litigation process.

This Seminar features experts in the field who will share their opinions and provide clear viewpoints on the expectations of the Board and Advocates; the requirements and guidelines for a settlement conference, mediation and an actual hearing before the Board. Suggestions for what constitutes an "ideal expert report" will be provided.

   Seminar Brochure  

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