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Re-Instatement and Parking of Membership Policy

 1.0  Re-Instatement Policy

         1.1    Membership lapsed within the two(2) fiscal years, previous to the current fiscal year.

                     1.1.1    Applicants may be accepted subject to:

                                  i.    Approval by the Board of Directors.

                                  ii.   Completion of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) where required.

                                  iii.  Payment of all outstanding membership dues

                                  iv.  Payment of any applicable administrative fee.


          1.2    Membership Lapsed previous to 1.1. 

                      1.2.1    Applicant to re-apply as a new members subject to:

                                  i.    Qualifications meeting current course requirement.

                                  ii.   Approval by the Board of Directors.

                                  iii.  Payment of applicable Membership Dues.

                                  iv.  Payment of any applicable administrative fee.


2.0    Parked Membership:

           2.1    Current Accredited and Associate Members in good standing may request to have their
                    memberships parked for up to 2 years based on the following criteria:

                       2.1.1   Members on sick leave.
                       2.1.2   Members on Sabbatical.
                       2.1.3   Members on Maternity/Parental.
                       2.1.4   Members out of country for an extended period of time. 
                       2.1.5   Members no longer employed in or in a related property assessment field. 
                       2.1.6   Requests may be made only once unless of a unique circumstance. 
                       2.1.7   Any other unique circumstance.


                    The request may be approved subject to:

                                  i.    An application filed detailing the reason for the request.

                                  ii.   Approval by the Board of Directors.

                                  iii.  Payment of the applicable administration fee.


The Re-instatement and Parking policies were approved by the Board of Directors on Monday April 8, 2013.






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