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"The IMA Annual Conference is a very useful tool to connect with Assessment professionals and an opportunity to gain some insight into the trends and policy developments that are shaping the future of Assessment in Ontario."
Alim Yhap, A.I.M.A., Sr. Manager, Property Tax, Ontario Power Generation INC.

"The IMA Annual Conference is not only the perfect opportunity to network with people, but also another way to understand the industry. It is a guaranteed investment in your career and professional development." 
Irina Ushakova, A.I.M.A., Property Inspector, MPAC, Toronto

"I truly believe the IMA's Annual Conference is a great event and I attend it every year.  It offers industry experts in property assessment and realty taxes an opportunity to stay current, while still allowing informal opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas with their peers."
Paul Lacelle, A.I.M.A., BSc, Paralegal, Dundee Realty Corp

"The IMA Annual Conference is one of my favourites. The topics are well chosen, timely and relevant.  Panel members are experts in their field and always present a balanced view. "
Edward Mui, A.I.M.A., Paralegal, MPAC, Toronto

"I recently completed Law & the Assessor Part 1 as I am working towards my A.I.M.A. designation.  The course gave me very good insight as to how law plays such a vital role in the field of assessment. Though I found the course challenging at times, I could always rely on my marker to provide assistance or clarification. "
Susan Bursche, Affiliate, Tax & License Analyst, City of Sault Ste. Marie

"Instant credibility from the ARB chairperson."
Nick Macri, M.I.M.A., MPAC, Richmond Hill

"The IMA is first class, professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the property assessment and property taxation industry. If you haven't had the pleasure of attending an IMA Conference, I highly recommend the experience." 
Marc Laurin, Property Valuation Analyst , MPAC, Barrie

 "This past semester I enrolled in the Law & the Assessor Part 1.  I found the course had an appropriate degree of challenge and was extremely applicable to my current profession in the property assessment field."
Ali Giffen, Manager, Valuation & Customer Relations, MPAC, Bracebridge

"I have been working toward my A.I.M.A. designation through the IMA courses.  I have recently completed the Law & the Assessor Part 1.  Each lesson provided a reasonable level of challenge and was extremely appropriate for my current position.  My overall experience has been a very positive one."
Michelle D'Andrea, MPAC, Parry Sound

"I have been a member of IMA since I began my career in assessment and property tax management in 1976 and have benefited from numerous courses, conferences and district meetings. Being a member allows me to stay current with issues impacting our profession as well as providing networking opportunities with assessors and other professionals in our industry." 
Cam McCollum, A.I.M.A. Senior Director, Property Tax, Cadillac Fairview

"The M.I.M.A. is not only a designation, but a fresh perspective, a confidence and a higher standard.  It's an opportunity to extend your knowledge and expertise towards great career opportunities."
Caterina Chiarandini, M.I.M.A., PS Johnson, Markham

"Since I first opened my tax consulting business in 1980, I have always encouraged my staff to pursue accreditation as M.I.M.A.'s.  IMA education and standards are specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in valuation of real property for taxation purposes, and the M.I.M.A. designation is respected across Canada by assessment review tribunals and the legal profession." 
Jim Derbyshire, M.I.M.A., Vice President

"I have always been a strong supporter of the IMA, and have been an associate member for over 20 years.  I encourage assessors to participate in the IMA's activities and to obtain their M.I.M.A. The M.I.M.A. designation is widely accepted at the Assessment Review Board.  Proposed experts with the IMA's designation are rarely challenged on their qualification to give opinion evidence to the Board.  In addition to the Board's recognition, I believe the IMA offers assessors an accessible, affordable source of assessment and valuation information that is not available anywhere else and is directly relevant to what they do every day."
Karey Lunau, Affiliate, Certified Specialist, Conway Davis Gryski

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