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Board of Directors

Board Structure

The IMA is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members: 5 members from the Executive and 10 District Directors from Ontario, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The IMA provides opportunities for its members to actively participate in various capacities, such as, serving on the Executive, the Board of Directors or the District Executive Committee. Other forms of involvement include serving on committees, providing training, organizing events and or by marking course material.


        1.   President - Terry Peckham, M.I.M.A. 
        2.   First Vice-President - Caterina Chiarandini, M.I.M.A.
        3.   Second Vice-President - Greg Martino, M.I.M.A.
        4.   Third Vice-President - Charles Johnstone, M.I.M.A.
        5.   Immediate Past President - Greg Baxter, M.I.M.A.

District Directors:

        1.   District #1 -  Janice Desjarlais, M.I.M.A.
        2.   District #2 -  Anali Cameron, M.I.M.A.
        3.   District #3 -  Elizabeth Gibson, M.I.M.A.
        4.   District #4 -  Sabrina Vizzacchero, M.I.M.A.
        5.   District #5 -  Catherine Brindley, A.I.M.A.
        6.   District #6 -  Terri Lyn Wright, M.I.M.A.
        7.   District #7 -  Andrew Loney, M.I.M.A.
        8.   District #8 -  vacant
        9.   District #9 -  Dave Zabloski, M.I.M.A.
10.  District #10 - Reginald Stoyles, M.I.M.A. 

A majority of the Directors shall form a quorum for the transaction of the business of the Board. The Board of Directors meetings are scheduled 4 times a year: prior to the Annual Conference, immediately following the conference, in the fall (October/November) and a fourth meeting in March/April, before the Institute's financial year-end.

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