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CPD - Approval Request
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Application for the Approval of CPD Hours
The IMA deals with a large number of applications. Typical processing times are 2 - 4 weeks. Incomplete applications may be returned to the applicant and may require additional processing time.

CPD Cycle: 2016 - 2018
1. Applicant Contact Information:
Member Account Number or Company Name (for non members):
First name: Surname:  
Address: Unit #
City/Town: Province: Postal Code: Country:
e-mail: Phone: Cell:
2. Request From (Select one):
Event Provider: Event Sponsor: Event Participant: Other:
Other (specify):
3. Program/Activity Information:
Provider Name
Program/Activity Title
Program/Activity Venue Location (if applicable)
Program Start Date/Time
Program End Date/Time
Program Presenter(s)
Program/Activity Format
(Check as applicable)
In Person: Correspondence: Webinar: Online:
CPD Hours Requested
Learning Hours: General Hours: Total:
Note: Maximum of 15 Hours per event may be claimed. Click here to read the CPD Program Policy
4. Program/Activity Description
Provide a detailed description of the program / activity and its relevance to the field of Property Assessment. Specify purpose, subject matter and intended participants.
NOTE: The Program/Activity "Agenda" and/or "Program Brochure" MUST be attached.
5. For Office Use Only
Request Approved Learning Hours:   General Hours:   Total Hours:  
Pre - Approved Record will Be Posted Under  
Request Not Approved: Reason:
Reviewed By:   Date:  
For more information on the IMA's CPD policies and requirements, please visit www.theima.ca or contact the IMA office.
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